My 2015

As 2014 was drawing to a close I was convinced the new year was going to suck. I was living out of two suitcases, feeling lonely, lost and afraid of change. With no permanent place to stay and a broken heart I realized I had no choice but to embrace change. So as 2015 began, I decided to think less, do more, and say yes to everything.

In the spring, I moved into a co-living space in the Old Town in Stockholm with 11 other entrepreneurs, discovered I’m an extrovert and then when I discovered I sometimes wasn’t—I climbed up to the roof of our five story apartment and gazed out over the city. But from that rooftop I didn’t only fall in love with Stockholm, and I soon decided to say goodbye to my roommates to move in with a new one.

I photographed at weddings, I cried at weddings, I danced at weddings. I was reminded of how much I love having a job that allows me to be a part of the most awesome celebrations. Thank you to all of the wonderful couples who trusted me to enter and document a part of their lives, and to the musicians, artists, and companies, who did the same.

This year I read more books, met more people and traveled to more places than any other year. Work and leisure took me to places like London, Switzerland, Denmark, San Francisco, Prague, Romania, Ireland, Finland, and Japan. I learned how to play the ukulele, I started writing again, and I fell in love.

So, as it turns out, 2015 didn’t really suck.

SF-03Mai-Li & Emil - parfotograferingbröllopsfotograf stockholmirland-wedding-photographer-02agnes-graham-020brollopsfotograf-gotlandgamla-stan-wedding-photographer-01irland-wedding-photographer-01molly-victor-176Leah-harris-stenlund-photography-1brollopsfotograf-rosenhanska-072parfotograf-helsingforstommi-kotomi-07brollopsfotograf-rosenhanska-003engagement-photography-helsinki

Annelie - Grymma bilder!!

therese winberg - Just beautiful! Love your movements in your pictures.

Matilda Holmqvist - Dina bilder känns som magi. Jag älskar kompositionen, ljuset, kornigheten, färgerna… Känslan. Wow. Tack för att du delar med dig.

Stockholm Engagement Session – Liina & Mathias


I am so excited to finally share these photos. Liina and Mathias are awesome people, so easy-going, genuine and crazy about each other. They are also fellow lovers of nature and have a dog called Bosse – so I knew we would get along.

In April Liina and Mathias will say yes to each other on a snowy mountain in north west Sweden. And as good people tend to befriend other good people, I’m sure it will be one big, happy, loving feast.

Tommi & Kotomi | Wedding | Örebro, Sweden

When Tommi first wrote me, I knew this was going to be a special wedding. Tommi’s mother passed away only two and a half  years ago and Tommi and Kotomi wanted their wedding to be in memory of her. Tommi showed his appreciation and gratitude towards his mother by choosing locations that reminded them of her – places they knew she loved.

After the ceremony, Tommi and Kotomi walked to his mother’s grave. I held my breath as I took the photos, struggling to keep my tears in as I watched Kotomi console her husband.

This wedding had a different feel that most other weddings. It was emotional, but not in the extravagant and loud way. And it was beautiful beyond any messurements.

I know Tommi’s mother would have loved it.


Don’t forget to check out Tommi and Kotomi’s pre-session in Stockholm, and the sneak peak from their wedding in Japan.

agnes - herregud vad vackra bilder du tar agnes, älskar verkligen dina bröllopsserier!

Linnea - Så otroligt vackert.

Lena - Så vackert berättad historia. Man dras med.

Fredric - Superfina bilder på ett vackert brudpar!

Andreas Holm - Underbart!

Tanja - Åh, älskar verkligen fotografierna! Du har verkligen fångat fina ögonblick med intressanta kompositioner 😀 Superfin färgskala och redigering också! Hoppas allt är bra med dig!